Hakuna Matataa Sound was founded in 2001 in a town called Mei├čen, in Saxony, Germany. From the start, Hakuna Matataa has been dedicated to all styles of Reggae & Dancehall music through all decades. Inspired by the original soundsystems from Jamaica and UK, Hakuna's mission is to entertain with big tunes, no matter if it's Ska, Rocksteady, Roots, Rubadub or Dancehall. Hakuna does not focus on hype but on quality music and understands itself as an entertainer and not a disco.

The Hakuna crew consists of the following members:

  • King Willy
  • Rasta General Hannes
  • Shady
  • Major Clarence
  • Hi Dee

Over the years, Hakuna has played dances all over Europe as well as showcases with Jamaican or British artists. Hakuna is well connected with many artists and producers from the worldwide reggae scene. This strongly influences the dub box, which grows slowly but steadily like a rare plant through countless dubplate sessions in Jamaica, the US and Europe.

Hakuna Matataa runs its own dubplate studio called "The Rooftop Studio" in Leipzig, Germany.

Hakuna Sound has clashed two times already and is ready everytime.

Respect to the elders as you set the foundation. Big up to the younger sounds, you bring the movement to new levels. Haile up all Hakuna family, fans and supporters - in Germany, Europe and the world.