Hakuna Matataa voiced their first dubplate in the year 2004. Since that time they have been spending lots of time in countless studios in New York, Kingston, London and all over Germany to get the right dubs and to make contacts with many serious engineers and artists.

Through these links Hakuna Matataa are able to offer dubplates for other sounds from most of the well known dubplate artists and therefore voiced dubs for many national and international sounds in the last years.

Meanwhile, King Willy had learned at lot from the engineers he worked with and decided to establish his own studio, the Rooftop Studio in Leipzig. Standing aginst the fast-and-dirty dubplate voicing business, artists, soundmen & soundwomen shall take their time when they enter the studio to get the right vibes in the studio to achieve the best quality.

King Willy had the pleasure to voice artists like Pat Kelly, Mr. Williamz, General Degree, Captain Barkey (RIP brother), Wickerman, Peter Metro, Squiddly Ranking, Half Pint and Cornell Campbell in the rooftop studio.

If you are interesed in the Hakuna Matataa Dubplate Service just send your E-Mail address to yo@hakuna-sound.de and get subscribed to our dubplate newsletter.

A few shots from the family album