Here is a little quiz in Reggae and Hakuna knowledge. The best performers will be shown in the highscore list. Feel free to leave your name and mail when submitting the answers. The mail will not be shown publicly but we do a little raffle at the end of every quiz and the winner will get a Hakuna Matataa coffee mug that can be also ordered in our Shop.

Question 1

Who was the first Jamaican artist Hakuna Matataa Sound played together on a dance in Dresden?

(1 points)
Lone Ranger
Reggie Stepper
Welton Irie
Tenor Fly

Question 2

From which Jamaican parish Bass Odyssey is coming from?

(1 points)
Saint Ann

Question 3

What was the original profession of Cutty Ranks?

(1 points)

Question 4

Who is the originator of the so called "speed rap" which was founded in England?

(1 points)
Papa Levi
Smiley Culture
Peter King
Senior Sandy

Question 5

Which instrument did Jackie Mittoo, one of the founding member of The Skatalites, used to play?

(1 points)

Question 6

Who is the artist on the photo?

(1 points)
Ernie Smith
Ernest Ranglin
Leroy Sibbles
Tommy McCook

Question 7

Which of the following sounds are able to play Dennis Brown on Dubplate?

(1 points)
Silly Walks
Love Tank

Question 8

Which name did George Nooks use before he started his singing career as George Nooks?

(1 points)
Little Bimbo
Junior Ranks
Ranking Lee
Prince Mohammed

Question 9

Who used to sing these lyrics:

Rough as the road might seem to be
I'll be toiling home
I'll be myself and no one else
I'll keep trodding on

A man must go through tribulation
No matter who or where he's from
If he's a man of understanding
He'll then know, that time alone will tell

But fools knoweth not understanding
That's why they stumble
Never going to their way, oh yeah
'Cause wisdom is too hard for them

(1 points)
Garnett Silk
Dennis Brown
Damian Marley
Earl Sixteen

Question 10

What name carries Hakuna Matataa in addition?

(1 points)
The Best from the West
The Star from the North
The Beast of the East
The King of the South


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